“Ease of Understanding” for everyone

– Hotaru Thailand’s DTP (desktop publishing) brings shape and form to “Ease of Understanding” –

Our parent company, HOTARU,LTD., won the Manual of the Year award for two consecutive years (Japan Manual Contest 2011 and Japan Manual Contest 2012).
Furthermore, at the UK Technical Communication Awards 2017, they were awarded the Class 2 Best Procedural Communication Award.
In order to take the high level of quality cultivated in Japan and bring it to Asia, Hotaru Thailand is working to improve DTP technology, led by members involved in the award-winning works mentioned above.

To bring shape and form to “Ease of Understanding”



DTP work is often thought of as simply creating data, but simply creating data as instructed does not allow one to realize true “Ease of Understanding.”
That’s why we put communication with our customers first.
After we completely understand the background, through asking the customer such questions as “What are you having trouble with, and what do you want us to do for you?”, we offer the customer our unique answer, based on their needs.
That is our role, as Hotaru Thailand.

Technical Writing

There is something I want to convey, but I don’t know how to word it so that it will be understood correctly…
If I really want to convey it properly, it’s going to turn into a bunch of long sentences…
Stuff written by specialists is full of technical terms, so even if I read it, I don’t understand…

Writing is an important communication tool, but it is difficult to put into words what you want to convey.
At Hotaru Thailand, staff with technical writing skills express what customers want to convey in sentences with “Ease of Understanding.”



To give shape and form to “Ease of Understanding,” simply making a document flashy and dazzling just isn’t enough.
It is necessary to combine various elements, choosing the optimal font size, color scheme, illustration arrangement, layout balance, and other things. Combining many such things appropriately is necessary to arrive at design that allows readers to fully understand what you want to convey.

At Hotaru Thailand, staff who were awarded the Manual of the Year award two years in a row play a central role in providing designs with “Ease of Understanding” to give shape and form to what you want to convey.