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To bring color to “Ease of Understanding”

Hotaru Thailand selects the most suitable printing method according to customer needs and provides high quality printed material.


Offset printing

Offset printing is a type of lithographic printing which is widely used as a printing method for commercial printed materials such as flyers, magazines, and catalogs.
The pattern to be printed is transferred from the printing plate to a sheet of rubber called a “blanket,” and then transferred to paper. Because the printing plate and paper do not touch directly, printing large volumes of material is possible without damaging the printing plate.
In addition, offset printing is suitable for multi-color printing, and is especially good for printing photographs, illustrations, and images with gradation.
On-demand printing is a printing method that allows you to “Print what you need, when you need it, and only the number of copies that you need.”
Since digital data is read directly and printed, there is no need to create a printing plate, so it is suitable when the delivery time is short or the number of copies to be printed is small.

Seal/sticker printing

Seal/sticker printing is a method of printing on a substrate that contains adhesive (glue) attached to paper or film.
The main two types of seal/sticker printing are seal printing and screen printing.
Seal printing is a printing method in which ink is applied to the protruding portions of a plate with a pattern of bumps and dips on its surface, and the ink is transferred by pressing the plate onto a material that contains adhesive. (This uses the same principle as rubber stamp printing). Screen printing is classified as a type of stencil printing, where printing is done using a screen woven from synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester, and stainless-steel metal fibres.
Materials on which patterns can be printed are various–printing can be done on materials such as paper, glass, plastic, synthetic resin, metal and fabric.


UV Ink jet/3D printing

UV printers can print on various things such as resin, fabric, leather.
Using a special ink that cures with exposure to ultraviolet light, the ink cures immediately after printing.
Since there is no need to create a printing plate, printing a small number of copies, performing variable printing, and other types of flexible handling are possible.

A 3D printer is a machine that produces a three-dimensional model by stacking two-dimensional sliced layers one on top of another, based on 3D CAD design data.
Since there is no need to create moulds, it is possible to handle high-value-added products of various types in small lots.
We also offer the world’s first 10 million color, full color resin 3D printing service.