System solution

More convenient and easy. And faster and more accurate.

– Hotaru Thailand’s System solutions support the creation of systems that embody “Ease of Understanding.” –

To support the creation of systems which embody
“Ease of Understanding”


Proposals for improving work efficiency

Certain kinds of tasks, while not difficult, just take a lot of time.

Those kinds of tasks are a perfect target if you want to improve work efficiency.
Hotaru Thailand will help you, starting by finding those tasks which are in most need of an improvement in work efficiency.

Example) E-mail sending, data management, progress management, or all the tasks surrounding and related to these

Proposals for how to use specification data

If you could place product specifications and price information into catalogs and labels for printing automatically, that would be a dream come true for efficiency.
However, aren’t there surprisingly difficult task lurking there?

Grasping both the problem and the method to solve it, we propose solutions.

Example) Product information, specification lists, function lists, etc.


Creating useful tools for market research

Hotaru Thailand has also created a simple survey tool that can be used for market research.

The tool can also be equipped with a language selection function, so that information can be collected efficiently even at event venues filled with speakers of multiple languages.

The collected information can be easily summarized, making it the perfect tool for reporting the living voice of the market.