“Ease of Understanding” for everyone
– Hotaru Thailand’s Translation puts “Ease of Understanding” into words –

Our parent company, HOTARU,LTD., won the Manual of the Year award for two consecutive years (Japan Manual Contest 2011 and Japan Manual Contest 2012).
Furthermore, at the UK Technical Communication Awards 2017, they were awarded the Class 2 Best Procedural Communication Award.
At Hotaru Thailand, we follow the translation standards of our parent company to achieve high quality translation.

To put “Ease of Understanding” into words


Terminology management

Terminology management is very important to bring “Ease of Understanding” to life.

Many people worry about terminology variations, such as variations in the terms used on different pages, or terms from the existing document not being used when new, additional translation is carried out.
Managing terminology can solve such problems, but managing terminology is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Hotaru Thailand supports customer term management and builds a high-quality translation environment.

Systematic translation management

Managing a huge amount of text is hard.

The same sentence may be translated many times, so there may be multiple versions of one English sentence.

By managing translation systematically, it is possible to suppress duplicate translations of the same sentence, and it is also possible to reduce translation costs by re-using already translated sentences, in whole or in part.

Hotaru Thailand supports systematic management of translation.


Rule management

In order to improve the quality of translation, it is important to translate while adhering to strict rules.

At Hotaru Thailand, we use original translation style guides to achieve high-quality translation.

Multilingual support

Hotaru Thailand can provide translation of more than 30 languages, including European and Asian languages.

Terminology management and translation management are available for all languages.

* Please feel free to contact us for a list of available languages.